Links of the Week (09/09/2019)

One link promises months of great content to follow, one will make you smile, one may change your career outlook. Not a bad week I’d say.

When I told people I was planning to write a post about society, and the way people are acting, and the way the media is acting, and the way the government is acting, and the way everyone else is acting, people kept saying the same thing to me.

Don’t do it. Don’t touch it. Write about something else. Anything else. It’s just not worth it.

​Spoiler alert…this is going to be worth it.

The Story of Us

It was one of those weekends when everything went right. The weather was perfect—sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and just cool enough to make the approach tolerable in a t-shirt, without sweating. The two climbers started to hike in with what they felt were very light backpacks, each wondering if they had, in fact, brought everything they needed.

​If you’ve ever done any camping, backpacking, or climbing I beg you to read this. It will have you smiling from ear to ear.

If you haven’t, read it anyways…it’s great.

The Greatest Alpine Climbing Trip Of All Time –

Something stupid you can stick with will probably outperform something smart that you’ll burn out on.

If you view “do what you love” as a guide to a happier life, it sounds like empty fortune cookie advice. If you view it as the thing providing the endurance necessary to put the quantifiable odds of success in your favor, you realize it should be the most important part of any strategy.

​Lightbulb moment here…

You Better Love This

Social media is meant to help you connect with others and part from the stressors of the outside world — but these platforms are also designed to keep you scrolling, and over time, all of that positivity-driven content can leave you feeling the effects of what psychologists are now calling “toxic positivity.”

I’ll be totally honest, this is partly why I stay away from facebook sometimes. I have to remind myself that social media is not what normal life really is. It’s a highlight reel that never ends.

Social media can be inspiration for sure…but you have to be aware. ​

“Toxic Positivity” Could Be the Reason You Get Sad After Looking at Social Media

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