Links of the Week (09/30/2019)

Writing, journaling, and principles to live by….

When it comes to giving gifts, I knew I couldn’t compete. But I’d be damned if I didn’t want to give it a try. After some days of thinking, I finally hatched a plan: I decided to make a blog where each entry represented a short story of one of our adventures together or a valuable lesson she had taught me.

​This article I identified with closely as I find that if I write consistently, I’m a little more in tune with my own thoughts and emotions. There’s something about typing or writing all this down that helps you process.

Want Stronger Relationships? Start Writing About Them

The blank page is a powerful thing, especially when that blank page is in your own, private journal. It’s a canvas of opportunity, full of infinite possibilities.

​This is one of the few iOS apps that I never hesitate to pay a yearly membership for. (Even though you don’t have to) It is a gorgeous way to document something as intensely personal as a journal.

Also, a great way to give yourself an excuse to write more.

Day One

It’s often argued that some people are dreamers while others are realists. But hedge-fund billionaire Ray Dalio believes that you need both qualities to be successful.

​I actually received Ray Dalio’s book from a tech company that practices a lot of what he talks about with his “Principles”. I haven’t read it just yet (it’s huge) so this is a good snippet of advice that is probably in there.

Billionaire Ray Dalio says this outlook will help you achieve your dreams

We love ourselves a good map around here on T&T, but never let it be said that we limit ourselves only to cartography based in the real world.

​This one brings out the inner sci-fi/fantasy nerd in me.

Maps of Fictional Worlds — Tools and Toys

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