Links of the Week (10/07/2019)

What do Netflix hacks, climbing with kids, and Bullet Journaling have in common?…They’re linked here in this week’s good reads.

“It appears to be just plain old theft!” said Chet Wisniewski, principal research scientist at the security firm Sophos. “I don’t really see anything to it other than getting free Netflix Premium.”

​I’ve had my Netflix account hacked before…was always curious why. So was this writer.

Rewinding a Netflix account hack: Why would somebody bother?

Having kids is the most gear-intensive sport there is. Not even kayaking, the most cumbersome and clunkiest of all outdoor activities, can compete with “kids.” The amount of stuff you need—no really, you do—is boggling. Make a human, and fast-and-light minimalism will become a vestige of a past life, one in which you never realized had been filled so much time, sleep, and sends.

​Truer words have never been written.

What You Need to Climb with Kids | Evening Sends

Devotees of the Bullet Journal, a cultish notebook-organization system tagged in more than eight million posts on Instagram, will tell you that there are two kinds of notebook people: those who keep multiple notebooks and those who keep just one.

​I dove down the Bullet Journaling rabbit hole a while back…never thought the New York Times would do a piece on it.

Can Bullet Journaling Save You?

Even if you’ve never heard of University of Michigan psychologist David Dunning, you are no doubt intimately familiar with the concept that bears his name. It’s called the Dunning-Kruger effect, and it says that while the competent are often plagued with doubt, the incompetent tend to be blissfully sure of their excellence.

Or to put it more bluntly, stupid or incompetent people are often too stupid or incompetent to understand exactly how stupid and incompetent they are. They think they’re awesome.

​Interesting read…give some tips on how to “reduce” your chances of being or acting like a stupid person.

How Not to Be Stupid, According to a Top Stupidity Researcher

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