The Great NFL Enhancer

My Thoughts on Fantasy Football

How fantasy football spices up your Sunday afternoons

I want to crush my opponents.

Like General Patton I will show no mercy to my enemies and hope to send them whimpering away come Monday morning. Never mind that I only hope to do so in what has become a favorite time waster around many an office and college dorm. Fantasy Football.

Many football fans say that “fantasy football ruins the way you watch the game!”, and for quite a long time, I didn’t participate in these fantasy “leagues” or office pools that seemed to excite so many of my coworkers. But a few years ago I decided to cave in and give it a try, and boy did I get sucked right in. So bear with me while I disagree with the nay sayers and argue that fantasy football actually enhances the way you watch the game.

First you get a new time waster that gives you the ability to marshal fantasy forces and hope that on Sunday you are as brilliant as General Patton. (when in reality any success is more akin to Scooby Doo-like luck)

Second, I have actually started watching more games than I would have in the past; merely due to the fact that I’m tracking my FF players. Does this mean that I root against “my team” (the Chargers) because my FF running back is Darren McFadden who plays for the Raiders? Nope. It means that I hope that McFadden runs like a panzer tank toward the end zone and that the Chargers go scorched earth on the Raiders’ defense and score 42 fantasy points.

Third, Fantasy Football gives you something talk about on Monday morning at work when you want nothing to do with whatever you get paid for. This can be a great equalizer for the work place (if you and your coworkers don’t get too competitive in some workplace league). Male and female football fan alike can brag about how well their quarterback or wide receiver did on Sunday or lament at how Chris Johnson doesn’t perform now that he got his big paycheck.

So, does being able to brag about your fantasy team actually enhance your Sunday afternoon in front of your TV?

Well if you have a good team it does! And that’s the fun part, if you’re a beginner (like I am) then you can join a beginner league. If you think that you’re the fantasy football equivalent of Admiral Nimitz at the Battle of Midway, then you can compete against others of your superior football intellect. Whomever you are, those games that you never cared about before are all of a sudden more watchable because “you’re running back” is playing. So give Fantasy Football a chance and let’s hear it for football season!

Author: Scott

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