Links of the Week (10/14/2019)

If you only click on one of these links to read…make it the last one. Amazing article.

Apple released the latest iPhone and by most reports its a dramatic leap forward in terms of battery life, screen quality, and all around performance. Of course, what most people care about is how well it takes photos and shoots video. To prove that this is a device that can compete with dedicated cameras, filmmaker Matteo Bartoli took his new iPhone 11 to Sequoia National Park and captured the landscapes there using the new ultra-wide angle lens.


Video: Sequoia National Park Captured by iPhone 11 — The Adventure Blog

Earlier this year, Squamish County proposed Bylaw No. 2679, containing regulations that would prohibit all overnight camping, whether in a tent or a vehicle, in public spaces. It allows for two exempt areas more than seven miles outside town, down 4×4 roads; anyone caught camping outside these zones could be fined up to $10,000.

For van dwellers, many of whom are unable to drive down 4×4 roads, the bylaw effectively negates why they live in their vehicles.

Never thought that the #Vanlife would have negative side effects. Or at least as seen by the general population.

No Parking: How Squamish Regulations May Reshape #Vanlife

I didn’t fasten a seat belt on a plane until I was 18. Since the Nineties, though, I’ve been clocking up the air miles. I’ve walked in the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia and the foothills of the Himalayas, run in Kenya, cycled in the Hamptons and the Catskills, taken trains across Australia and Cuba and small boats on rivers in New York and Nicaragua – but in each case the journey began and ended with a flight (if not several flights)

I’ll be honest, this article (while bringing up a good discussion) felt a little disingenuous to me. Perhaps it was because of this opener…essentially a “look at my cool travel resume” paragraph. However, I do applaud her environmental change of heart and the facts she brings up about air travel and carbon emissions is very interesting.

I’m a travel writer, but I’m not going to fly any more

What are the other Big Things – the great-grandparents – of important topics today that we need to study if we want to understand what’s happening in the world?

Nothing is as influential as World War II has been. But there are a few other Big Things worth paying attention to, because they’re the root influencer of so many other topics.

If you like reading or talking about the big picture on “how it all works” type topics…you will find this fascinating. GREAT article.

Three Big Things: The Most Important Forces Shaping the World

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