Links of the Week (11/11/2019)

Happy Veterans Day

I’ve found that organizational change is incremental, but it must start at the top with a leadership mindset change. I believe that leaders must acknowledge that everyone wants to be successful and that they need to make sure they’re setting their people up for success.

​Some no brainers, some new jems.

The First Commandment Of Highly Effective Leadership: Set Employees Up For Success

“Psychology is not just the study of weakness and damage. It is also the study of strength and virtue. Treatment is not just fixing what is broken; it is nurturing what is best within ourselves.”

Again, even though these folks write with investment in mind…they hit a lot of useful “life advice” with these concepts.

Useful Biases

In October 2013, I published a peer-reviewed editorial in the BMJ entitled “Saturated fat is not the major issue.” The editorial made the front page of three British newspapers and was featured on CNN International and Fox News, among other outlets…

Surprisingly high profile “debate” on how useful statins are. These blood pressure medications have been in use for a while so it’s good see folks are continuing to explore their side effects.

The Great Statin Scam – Time to Clean up the Mess

Notion is one of the fastest growing productivity tools in recent memory. Power users have become so enamored with Notion that it’s reached Fight Club meme status:

​I used to write and link to apps like this all the time. This one appears to be quite unique and powerful…and I like that it can live in a web browser as well. That’s probably it’s greatest strength, aside from it’s flexibility.

I’m not sure it’s quite for me…yet, but I’m messing with it. Work a look if you like these things.

A Beginner’s Guide to Notion – The Sweet Setup

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