Links of the Week (12/02/2019)

Health, Happiness, and the meaning of Huckleberry…

Though your body changes as you get older, Lennard notes, such changes aren’t a cue to stop moving. The more you can move, the better you’ll feel, she says. “Simple stretches can change your life. You hold your body straighter, move more easily, and it puts your mind in a happy place.”

As a former gymnast, I actually feel better if I keep flexible over trying to be above average strong. This makes sense.

Flexibility is key to your health

Research suggests that people who volunteered weekly experienced the same happiness boost compared to receiving a life-changing increase in pay. Giving back doesn’t just feel good in the moment; it has long-lasting benefits for your health and well-being.

In a season of reminding ourselves to be grateful, it’s good to see this kind info on giving back.

5 Unexpected Career Lessons You Learn From Giving Back

There is a difference between an expert, whose talent should always be celebrated, and a guru, whose bad ideas should never be questioned.

With few exceptions we should praise experts but be terrified of gurus.

Interesting take on the fine line between an industry expert and an industry “guru”.

No More Gurus

I was listening to Moon River and noticed the lines:

Waiting round the bend

My huckleberry friend

And it occurred to me that I didn’t know what a huckleberry was. The word, it turns out, has several meanings, one of which, astonishingly, is a kind of berry. But it also means, and has meant since 1835, a person of little consequence. Somebody unimportant.


Unimportant Huckleberries

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