Links of the Week (01/20/2020)

Welcome 2020!! Here are your first links for this great new year…

The point is there are a variety of reasons it’s called adversity, and a variety of outcomes based on how you choose to handle it. Running through it all is one common thread, a brutal truth that you must eventually embrace if you want to plow through setbacks and succeed.

No one cares. Work harder.

​There’s more to this article than a blunt truth headline. This is just the kind of read that is good for you early in the year.

Why You Must Accept the Harsh Truth That Nobody Cares and You Need to Work Harder

Thirty states in the U.S. have coastlines, so what makes California so epic that you should devote an entire road trip solely to its splendor? For starters, how about redwoods, amazing beaches, waves, trails and, oh yes, just a couple of epic campgrounds.

​Obviously I’m a bit biased when it comes to touting a California road trip…they even list some places that I’m not familiar with on here. Great write up if you want to start a checklist of places to go in the the Golden State.

California Road Trip Planner: The Best Views, Trails, and Campgrounds

Some trips are, shall we say, more eventful than others. And one man’s account of what was meant to be a short, 24-hour trip will certainly make you grateful for your last forgettable travel experience.

I don’t care if I’ve linked to this crazy adventure story before…go read it again. It’s hard to believe this all happened in 24 hours.

This Man’s Unbelievably Dramatic Trip to Mexico to Keep His Airline Status Might Be the Best New Year’s Eve Story Ever

Given a steady dose of jaw-dropping beauty and a freedom from the routine of daily life back home, it’s amazing what flows from the mind if you’re only willing to catch it and take the risk of putting it into words.

​This engineer documented his hike of the Pacific Crest Trail over on his own site Stone and Sky. He uses my absolute favorite writing app…Ulysses and talks a bit about that app usage on the trail here.

The Modern Day Adventures of Ulysses

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