SEO for Small Websites

You interested in SEO? Perhaps you should be…

One of the things I mentioned in my Sunday post about my current Amazon Affiliate failures, was the fact that I’ve never really done my homework on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

As this has finally caught my attention, I will be sharing what I learn as a complete and utter newbie in this arena. One thing I’ve seen quickly, is that there is TONS of experts on this.

Another YouTuber (Irene Iron Fitness) and I have emailed back and forth a bit after we stumbled across each others’ videos. If you are curious about RV travel around the US and how to cook and stay fit at the same time, this is a great channel to check out.

Aaron (the husband) was gracious enough to shoot me an email with some research he did on YouTube/Website SEO…I’ll be writing about his advice soon. One person (on YouTube) he pointed me too was Neil Patel.

Rather than re-hash what Neil says in his video, I thought I’d share one in which he talks about a bunch of free tools – some of which I’d already discovered, some not. His titles are a bit click bait-ish…but his content is good and broken down well.

These free tools seem like a great place to start. If you have any others please let me know!!

Author: Scott

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