Links of the Week (01/27/2020)

Taking time to think, 2019 must have apps, and how mind mapping helps writers…

Just thinking is harder than it seems in an age of constant stimulation, but not impossible. Thinking about things is not the same as letting your thoughts run free; it takes practice and attention to what is going on. Otherwise, there is a genuine risk or “miles away” from those around you.

I enjoy the way Greg writes and thinks out loud at times.

Just Thinking – Greg Morris

I’m not too fond of ads. I promised myself I would never show them on my blog and hate the way they looked on websites that did. With all this said, I have turned some on for a little experiment and wanted to share why.

​I appreciated this short post from a writer/blogger I found a while back. His intent to create a little income from his site is similar to mine.

I Have Started Showing Ads

This entire story features a collection of the 50 apps I consider my must-haves on the iPhone and iPad, organized in seven categories; whenever possible, I included links to original reviews and past coverage on MacStories. As for the traditional list of awards for best new app and best app update: those are now part of our annual MacStories Selects awards, which we published last December and you can find here.

Let’s dig in.

An article I look forward to every year. SO many good apps here.

My Must-Have Apps, 2019 Edition

Don’t Skip Straight to Create

When it comes to developing your ideas, you cannot skip straight to the creative part.

Many folks do this, and it’s a rookie move, to be honest. Because without more clarity about your idea, you will hit the blank wall.

So, while it is great to have your list of ideas, there is still a critical part of the idea system that cannot be skipped over.

You need a way to develop your ideas before moving on to creating and building them.

It’s funny I never thought of using mind mapping as a tool for writing here on the blog. I used it extensively when writing basically anything for my Masters Degree…I think I’ll bring that habit back here and see how it works out.

I highly recommend mind mapping for the reasons they spell out in this article.

Why Mind Mapping Works – The Sweet Setup


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