Setapp: The ‘Netflix’ of Mac Apps

Ever want to try an expensive Mac app but not pay the full price?

I first heard about Setapp on a tech podcast. (if you’ve never listened to The Cultcast and are a mac/apple person I HIGHLY recommend it…very entertaining) I checked it out in it’s early days and decided that it wasn’t quite worth it for me. Even though I was constantly (and still am) on the lookout for an awesome new Mac application I didn’t want to pay the monthly subscription. I continued to pay for apps I found individually and write about them on my previous websites.

I had been writing on my last site for a year or two and had taken some time to write up some of my own serious reviews of Mac and iOS apps that I liked. Then, out of the blue, I was contacted by a representative from Setapp asking if I would like to check out the service for free if I was willing to write about it. Seeing as how this almost never happened to me, I gladly accepted.

Hopping over to the Setapp website for the first time in a couple years, I was flabbergasted by how many applications they had added!! I did some quick math and, with how many apps are moving to a subscription model anyways, I realized very quickly that Setapp would actually save me money because I use a TON OF APPLICATIONS that they cover in their Netflix type service!

Here’s a quick list of what I use that they offer:

SOME of the apps offered by Setapp
SOME of the Apps offered by Setapp

I’m not exaggerating with that list…and I know there are more apps with the service I haven’t even tried yet. All told, I probably could have paid the monthly subscription fee for Setapp for a year or two with how much I paid for all of those I bought on my own (including occasional upgrades).

Speaking of upgrades, Setapp gets you those application upgrades at no extra cost (from what I’ve seen).

If you’re interested, you can follow my affiliate link (it doesn’t add any extra cost) and try it out for free.

SETAPP – the Netflix of Mac Apps

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