AvantLink Affiliate Application [Update and Lessons Learned]

It seems I hit a snag…

It seems that my website does not get quite enough traffic to warrant being accepted to the AvantLink partnership program. Over the weekend I wrote about applying to their program in hopes that I could be a Patagonia affiliate. Yet for now I will have to wait.

In all fairness, AvantLink does spell out what they’re looking for.

One of the sites that they point to, Alexa.com, has a tool that they use to help evaluate applications they receive. Once I went there, it made a lot more sense. I plugged in my URL and saw that Scott from California is still too fresh to rank in the top 3 million sites in webtraffic.

Out of curiosity, I looked up some climbing blogs I know.

Some of these sites are still active. The crazy part is that I remember when sites like MojaGear and CruxCrush were first launched. Heck, CruxCrush isn’t even running anymore and it still ranks in the top 3 million. So why does a site that is no longer being posted to rank higher than me?

Because they have been around for a while.

Had I been smarter, 7 or 8 years ago, when I first started my own website; I would have picked a name, stuck with it, and at least kept it running.

Lesson learned.

For now I will continue to try and inspire those I can and find quality content for you to enjoy.

Author: Scott

The mountains are calling, let me grab a jacket and my kids.

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