Links of the Week (3/30/2020)

How to shop healthy during a quarantine, coming back to a pandemic, and naps aren’t for everyone…

Whether you’re housebound for the next couple of weeks from a COVID-19 quarantine, or simply trying to survive a school or work shutdown, you’ll likely be limiting or avoiding trips to the grocery store.

So you may be wondering: What are the best foods to buy when you know you’re going to be stuck at home — and is it even possible to consume a nutritious diet?

Grocery rules for your coronavirus lockdown: Buy beans, freeze milk, don’t hoard, and more

25 days rafting through the Grand Canyon meant no access to the news — and a new reality when the trip ended.

This would be c-r-a-z-y.

Opinion | They Went Off the Grid. They Came Back to the Coronavirus.

The question of digital afterlife is being asked by Faheem Hussain, a clinical assistant professor in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society (SFIS) at Arizona State University. During a recent talk, “Our Digital Afterlife,” Hussain entertained questions that are hard to answer.

What happens to your social media when you die?

Naturally, I’ve always been a little jealous of the people who take naps and wake up feeling like a million bucks. I’m a healthy, youngish, childless woman who regularly sleeps seven to eight hours a night — why don’t naps work for me?

Naps are a 50/50 shot for me.

Naps don’t work for everyone. Genetic differences are why.

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