Links of the Week (4/14/2020)

Ever wonder what it would be like if you came back from isolation just to see the world in a pandemic?

When the world screeched to a halt, I didn’t notice. I was off the grid near Antarctica, lost in the cacophony of some 200,000 penguins. Elsewhere, highways were emptying, planes parking, and businesses shuttering as COVID-19 gained ground. But the order for social distancing hadn’t yet stretched to this corner of the planet.

I look away for one minute!!!!!

‘You are the only passenger’: How I returned to an empty world

Creativity, it is said, is intelligence having fun.

Never looked at it this way, but I’ve always heard that creative people (like comedians for example) are usually pretty smart.

Talent, you’re born with. Creativity, you can grow yourself.

Where is home for someone who travels full time?

Never thought of that.

Dirtbagging in the Time of COVID-19

I’m in the middle of my sophomore year at college, studying journalism. It’d my dream to someday work in climbing media. Do you have any advice for what I can do to make that dream a reality?

Ask an Editor: How Do You Get a Job in Climbing Media?

Author: Scott

The mountains are calling, let me grab a jacket and my kids.

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