Links of the Week (6/01/2020)

The Fourth Estate, virtual Park tours, and climbing gear…

Climbing gear should be regularly inspected to make sure it’s not only functioning optimally, but also safe to use. Most of us know this, but in practice, may not examine this critical safety equipment as often as we should. Now, as we’re all stuck at home and away from the cliffs due to the pandemic, it’s an excellent time give your gear a check-up. This guide breaks down how to inspect soft and hard goods, what to look for, and when to retire your climbing gear.

Sometimes I go through my gear when I can’t itch the scratch that is calling me outside. Inspecting it is a good idea.

How to Inspect Your Climbing Gear and When to Retire It

Over the past few months, the reverberating shockwaves of COVID-19 have forced much of the world into a state of isolated lockdown. As social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders come into effect around the globe, more and more people are finding themselves stuck indoors for weeks on end. The result has been the spread of a second, psychological pandemic: cabin fever.


Google Brings the Great Outdoors to Your Living Room

A good wide angle lens is a fantastic and versatile tool that can help you create all sorts of interesting images, but they can also be quite expensive. However, when you dive into the world of vintage lenses, there are quite a lot of great deals to be had. This great video features three awesome vintage wide angle lenses, all of which you can buy for under $100 on the used market.

​When you finally can get outside again, pop on that wide-angle lens to capture those landscapes.

3 Great Wide Angle Prime Lenses for Under $100

The term Fourth Estate or fourth power refers to the press and news media both in explicit capacity of advocacy and implicit ability to frame political issues. Though it is not formally recognized as a part of a political system, it wields significant indirect social influence.

The “Fourth Estate” or “Fourth Branch” is an interesting concept if you chew on it a bit.

Fourth Estate – Wikipedia

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