Behind the Curtain of Today’s Biggest Apple Leaker

Everyone has a story…his is fascinating.

I’ve been listening to the Cult of Mac podcast for quite a few years now. It’s one of the few podcasts out there that is funny, interesting, non-political, and I honestly feel like I could just hang out with the hosts.

They recently had Jon Prosser on their podcast. If you don’t follow the Apple world closely, he has been publishing some of the most accurate Apple leaks in recent memory. He has received a lot of good and bad press from it…as the apple writer world can be a bit possessive of their territory.

This podcast was interesting because he debuted some exclusive leaks…but it was more interesting because at one point Jon starts talking about his younger years and the incredibly hardships he dealt with in the death of his mother, his grandmother passing from cancer, being 19 and the legal guardian for his younger brother, and his drive to create a successful YouTube tech news channel called Front Page Tech.

I actually stopped working in my office and sat slack jawed at what I was listening to. (click on episode 441…his backstory starts about 30 minutes in but I’d encourage you to listen to the first 30 min too. episode 442 is interesting as a follow up)

Find My and Apple Arcade get BIG updates plus… HE’S BAAAACK…. (CC #487) The CultCast

This week: Apple preps “Find My” to locate ALL your gadgets; a big update to Apple Arcade may finally make it worth the price; is back a ridiculous new tech product you might actually want; and we try to figure out Falcon and Winter Soldier is actually good in an all-new Under Review! Get 3 episodes of CultCast Off Topic each and every week for just $6! Off Topic is a new weekly variety show hosted by Erfon Elijah and friends, decidated to tech, gaming, culture, and more. Join Cult Support, good friend! This episode supported by Easily create a beautiful website all by yourself, at Use offer code CultCast at checkout to get 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain. Cult of Mac's watch store is full of beautiful straps that cost way less than Apple's. See the full curated collection at CultCloth will keep your iPhone 12, Apple Watch, iPad, glasses and lenses sparkling clean, and for a limited time use code CULTCAST at checkout to score a free CarryCloth with any order at Join us in the CultClub! On the show this week @erfon / @lkahney / @lewiswallace Apple opens Find My network to third-party gadgets The Find My application built into iOS and macOS finally opened up to device trackers made by other companies, not just Apple. Wednesday’s move allows iPhones, Macs and iPads to locate lost items produced by third-party accessory makers without needing to install additional software. New Star Trek and NBA games lead major Apple Arcade expansion Apple made a huge push for its gaming service on Friday, launching 11 original games. These cover a range of genres, from NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition to Star Trek: Legends. And Fantasian from the creator of the Final Fantasy series also launched in Apple Arcade. Plus many, many more. Fantasian from the creator of Final Fantasy launches on Apple Arcade Apple Arcade subscribers are in for a treat. Hironobu Sakaguchi, who also made the classic Final Fantasy series, also created Fantasian for Apple’s gaming service. It mixes computer-generated characters with handmade sets for a truly unique look.'s i is a $299 HEPA face mask with ANC earphones built in With face coverings becoming a necessity during the pandemic, we've seen countless variations on masks from the worlds of fashion, merchandise and tech. Enter, a pop star who has tried with varying levels of success to straddle all of those industries. The Black Eyed Peas frontman has teamed up with Honeywell on a $299 tech-imbued face mask that wouldn't look out of place in a cyberpunk movie or game.
  1. Find My and Apple Arcade get BIG updates plus… HE’S BAAAACK…. (CC #487)
  2. WWDC 21 – This could be BIG! (CC #486)
  3. iPhone 13 – we got DETAILS! (CC #485)
  4. Apple’s incoming APRIL Hardware event + RIP beloved HomePod! (CC #484)
  5. Let’s Talk Apple March Event + Hardware Predictions! (#CC 483)

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