Behind the Curtain of Today’s Biggest Apple Leaker

Everyone has a story…his is fascinating.

I’ve been listening to the Cult of Mac podcast for quite a few years now. It’s one of the few podcasts out there that is funny, interesting, non-political, and I honestly feel like I could just hang out with the hosts.

They recently had Jon Prosser on their podcast. If you don’t follow the Apple world closely, he has been publishing some of the most accurate Apple leaks in recent memory. He has received a lot of good and bad press from it…as the apple writer world can be a bit possessive of their territory.

This podcast was interesting because he debuted some exclusive leaks…but it was more interesting because at one point Jon starts talking about his younger years and the incredibly hardships he dealt with in the death of his mother, his grandmother passing from cancer, being 19 and the legal guardian for his younger brother, and his drive to create a successful YouTube tech news channel called Front Page Tech.

I actually stopped working in my office and sat slack jawed at what I was listening to. (click on episode 441…his backstory starts about 30 minutes in but I’d encourage you to listen to the first 30 min too. episode 442 is interesting as a follow up)

#447 – Why people are ALREADY mad about iPhone 12… The CultCast

This week: with iPhone 12 right around the corner, a new rumor says it will be missing one key feature, and the internet is not happy. Plus: it’s a CultCast Exclusive! We’ll tell you how Apple’s planning to bring the Apple store right to your home. And we discuss our favorite new shows and "Mary Jane" accessories in an all-new What We’re Into. This episode supported by Easily create a beautiful website all by yourself, at Use offer code CultCast at checkout to get 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain. Cult of Mac's watch store is full of beautiful straps that cost way less than Apple's. See the full curated collection at CultCloth will keep your iPhone 11, Apple Watch, Mac Pro and iPad sparkling clean, and for a limited time use code CULTCAST at checkout to score a free CleanCloth with any order at On the show this week @erfon / @lkahney / @lewiswallace This week's stories iPhone 12 might not come with earbuds or a charger in the box The iPhone 12 is rumored to not be shipping with packaged earbuds, but according to reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo it may also be lacking another standard piece of kit in its box: A charger. Microsoft Stores are closing for good Microsoft is pulling the plug on its chain of retail stores, the company announced Friday. All stores are going to be shuttered for good, although four — in New York City, London, Sydney, and its Redmond campus — will be turned into experience centers that don’t sell products. What we’re Into! Slymer Refined Live Resin Rowan and Martin’s laugh-in Seinfeld on Hulu Reunited Apart Johnny Carson episodes
  1. #447 – Why people are ALREADY mad about iPhone 12…
  2. #446 – iOS 14’s best HIDDEN features!
  3. We react to all our favorite WWDC 2020 announcements!
  4. #445 – New Hardware! New Software! Let's Talk WWDC 2020
  5. #444 – FINALLY. New iMac and ARM Mac, incoming!

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