Walk With History Memberships are Live!

If you like History…you are going to LOVE this.

Worked like a crazy person to get this done. I have a lot to say about how I built this…but for now, see what all you can get with these brand new memberships.

To celebrate here is 20% off at our Gift Shop.



(expires March 1st)

Would love to hear your honest thoughts on the membership options…especially if something doesn’t make sense or looks off. You can message me if you find something like that.


*Stickers, coffee mugs, t-shirts (at no extra cost depending on membership level starting at $2/month)

**Behind the Scenes updates and member posts. (a lot of the stuff doesn’t make it past my editors cuts…)

***Episode Travel Guides! (particularly proud of this one) These are interactive maps that can take you to the locations we filmed at. These took (and will take) a lot of work so access depends on membership level….BUT THE FIRST 5 ARE FREE.



search “Walk With History” on Patreon. šŸ˜

Now I’d say I’m gonna relax and watch the superbowl…but on to editing the next video. šŸ˜‰

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The mountains are calling, let me grab a jacket and my kids.

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