Work Hard, Change Fast

My motto this year:

Lay low and grind


I have been working REALLY hard on my other site and the YouTube channel I run with my wife…and it’s been paying off.

We have been fortunate enough to gain over 2,000 subscribers in our first year and I attribute that to years of me experimenting and the fact that my wife is a Historian…and figured out that people like history on YouTube. (niche down they say…and they were right)

I don’t have it figured out though

What do you mean? 2k subs in a year on YouTube is not easy!? What is your secret?

No secrets, just hard work and being willing to change. Change fast.

I love getting feedback as that is really the only way that you can change yourself or your product for the better. That and learning from others…but direct feedback is something everyone should seek.

To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often.”

Winston Churchill

We released a membership tier and were pretty aggressive with the pricing at the high end. I worked really hard to make those products and I thought I might be worth more money. But then I saw a friend also release a membership…at a much lower, single price.

It hit me right in the gut.

Be Realistic

His YouTube channel is MUCH bigger than our (about 15 times bigger as of writing) BUT he didn’t offer as much as I do. (interactive maps are work to make!)

So I Changed…Fast

Even though I had just released a smooth and well written and logical 3 tier membership, I changed. I got rid of the low and high and merged my perks to the middle pricing. ($5/month for what we are giving is a freaking steal)

It’s ok to admit you are wrong.

What is not ok is to recognize you are wrong and not adjust…not change.

Change is good…so change often and change fast.

oh…and if you like history and/or travel…check out our patreon. (my interactive travel guides are pretty cool)

Author: Scott

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