About Scott

Who are You?

My name is Scott.

  • I’m from California
  • I grew up camping and loving the outdoors…rarely wanting to wear a shirt or shoes
  • I’m a Dad and husband now
  • I still love the outdoors…and I still wish I could go around without a shirt or shoes (but I don’t)

Aside from the above, I write/record/create because I want to share my experiences with you and my kids. I plan to leave the world a better place than it was before I got here…and I think most people do too. 

I hope you follow along or join in the adventure.

What is This Site About?

Nothing and everything! Honestly, this is just my own corner of the internet to create, inspire, share, and reflect. I’ve had a couple websites in the past so I’ve learned some lessons from them and will do what I can to consistently post here. You will see me blogging about vlogging, which is another thing I took up. Thus, sometimes a post will be one of my new or old vlogs, or sometimes I’ll be able to take some time to write something up.

Either way, I believe that if you’ve made it this far you should probably follow along. There’s a lot more to come…:)

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