What is in a Name?

A bit of a paint job…

There is something that I’ve always struggled with when writing or vlogging.

My name.

More specifically it has been attaching my name to whatever I am writing or vlogging about. Now your raised eyebrow or narrowing your eyes are warranted…because on a vlog my face is there…no hiding it…there I am, talking to you the whole time.

However, when my vlog was also Patagonia Dad, there was still anonymity. That comes with the incredible volume of videos on YouTube. Here on this site it is the same thing…what does Patagonia Dad really mean? It may mean something to me, but to be honest…that is difficult to convey to a passerby. There really is no “elevator pitch” that would generate interest when telling someone what Patagonia Dad means. I have a good explanation (I think) but when I ask myself, “how would I explain this to my uncle…or my cousin…or an old friend” then it kind of falls flat.

Sure I could try to explain the article that inspired this website name, or the fact that many of my friends know that I am an absolute sucker for almost anything Patagonia (the company) makes…but those aren’t the people that might be clicking on a link to this website.

Scott from California

I changed the name of my vlog to Scott from California because I felt it personalized and explained it a bit more. Or rather…explained me a bit more. Since I am the vlog it made a bit more sense…and that “elevator pitch” is almost unnecessary. The name says it up front…this is about a guy “Scott” and he’s “from California”.

Whether you find that interesting or not, at least you kinda know what it’s about. And to be honest, the fact that California is a well known place throughout the world…and known for many things…doesn’t hurt.

Probably Overthinking It

Does this name change help this website? I honestly have no idea…and right now it’s only the URL that has changed (both still work)…but I have always tried to treat my websites as a place for me to do what I like. Just like a house you own and you feel like painting it…a name change can be much the same.

In the end it comes down to good content that people find interesting. So don’t go anywhere…this is gonna get interesting.

Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is officially Thanksgiving.

I hope that you get to spend some time with friends or family.

Make sure you ignore your email and silence your work phone since time off is good for your brain.

Last, I want you to know I am thankful for you. I try to make your time on this website valuable and I appreciate each like, comment, share, and more.

God bless.


I Figured out Why Kids Don’t Eat the Crust

Lessons from a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Lessons from a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

There are many things that kids do that confound us. As a parent, I often look at my kids sideways, wondering why they thought it was a good idea to see mud and head straight for it, why they think that dipping cheetos in chocolate milk will make them taste better, or why they diligently avoid the crust of any sandwich they eat.

Today it hit me…

They’re Going Straight For The Flavor

I was standing there watching my daughter eat a bagel with peanut butter, getting it all over her face. After I had wiped her face a couple times, I gave up – waiting for her to finish before I went in with another wipe. As she chomped away, her eyes were focused; she was determined to get to the heart of the semi-melted peanut butter bagel that held her attention like no preschool teacher ever could.

All she could think about in that moment was how good that peanut butter was going to be and again how good it was while she was eating it. Nothing else. She could have had peanut butter from her lips to her ear lobes and she would still be happy.

Which led me to my second realization…

They Don’t Stress The Mess

A couple days ago my oldest had jelly from his pb&j on his ear and either had no idea or didn’t care. His first priority was not making sure he looked good or wasn’t messy, he was enjoying the moment. He wasn’t really avoiding the crust of his sandwich, he was just going straight for the flavor, and not stressing the mess. No inner voice saying “Look at your face man!! You look like you rubbed an uncrustable all over it!”.

He was all in on that pb&j…not a care in the world about the somewhat superfluous things that adults care about.

Two Lessons From A PB&J

Think about those two things.

  • Go straight for the flavor
  • Don’t stress the mess

How many places in your adult life do you think you could apply those two lessons? The next time you plan a family fun night…a trip…a kid’s sleepover?

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that as we gain more responsibility, it becomes harder for us to let go – because we know that we have to do the “adulting” on the backend of any event, big or small – sandwich or family vacation. However, thinking about everything you have to clean up or do afterwards often takes away from your ability to enjoy the moment. Hell, sometimes I end up not enjoying it at all…I don’t get any flavor from the peanut butter and jelly of life! That’s no way to live.

So what do you do?

You step back, self-reflect, decide to change, then change. Next time you take your kids out you go straight for that flavor and don’t stress the mess.

I know that I may be stretching my illustration a bit…but I think next time I eat a pb&j…I won’t eat the crust.

Links of the Week (8/19/2019)

Reading material for the week:

I’ll try to give you a list like this each Monday…let me know if you like them!


My name is Scott. That’s not particularly important and probably not why you’re reading this.

Why are you here?

  • Did you accidentally typed more than intended when heading online to your favorite outdoor clothing store?
  • Did you google ‘Patagonia Dad’ after reading the Romper.com article that gave me the idea for this site?
  • Or maybe you actually clicked a link via LinkTree from one of my social media accounts?

Whatever your reason, please allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Scott. I know, I already said that:

  • I’m from California
  • I grew up camping and loving the outdoors…rarely wanting to wear a shirt or shoes
  • I’m Dad now
  • I still love the outdoors…and I still wish I could go around without a shirt or shoes more often (but I don’t)

Aside from the above, I am writing to you today because I want to share my experiences with you and my kids. I plan to leave the world a better place than it was before I got here…and I think most PatagoniaDads do too.

I hope you follow along or join in the adventure.

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