Detailed Walkthrough of a 5th Gen 4Runner TRD PRO (calvary blue)

Such a great car…

I had been driving my Jeep Wrangler for almost 15 years before I finally got a car big enough to fit my family of 5. In the theme of having my cake and eating it too…I got this 4Runner.

Cody Wanner's #NOSMALLCREATOR Movement

If you are in the vlogging scene at all, you need to go check this guy out…

I postulate about about how Cody Wanner didn’t start the no small creator fire…he just discovered this flame, fanned it, lit the torch and RAN WITH IT!!

He’s an amazingly big personality, great vlogger, and good dude. Go follow him.

CALIFORNIANS don't Know How GOOD they Have It

Man I was spoiled growing up here…

Good lord California is amazing. Having grown up and lived there for most of my life, I never realized how nice it was ALL THE TIME.

Now I do.

I never realized how good I had it.

Teach Your Kids to be Scientists

Youthful curiosity is a good thing…

Kids are curious…we should foster that. I do my best to encourage my kiddos in things they are interested in. My oldest seems to want to be a scientist…so this day we built an elevator out of a cereal box.

Giving Away Free How-To Photography Booklet to Families and Colleg Students

Seeing these kinds of Good Samaritan actions warms my heart…

Jared Polin is a photographer I follow on YouTube. He is giving away (for free) a photography booklet to (first) those whose kids’ schools closed for a few weeks and (second) college students whose college closed.

Please share with anyone you think might be interested. (he’s a really good photographer)

My Reaction to a Cody Wanner SHOUT OUT!

Getting a shout out from another creator is always fun…

Again, this video was up before I deleted my last channel and a shout out from a (now) bigger creator drove some folks to my channel. It was just kinda cool to get a shout out back then. I think Cody’s channel exploded just after this.

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