Links of the Week (7/13/2020)

Climbing and travel planning…who wouldn’t want to read these links?

“Don’t kill your husband, don’t kill yourself.”

“Don’t kill your husband, don’t kill yourself.”

“Don’t kill your husband, don’t kill yourself.”

This mantra looped in my head as I led out on some of the worst stone I’ve encountered in my 24 years of climbing.

I have my own mantra I use while climbing…luckily it was never this ☝️. Great story and makes me miss home.

Wild Kingdom: Katie Lambert Explores the Remote, Seldom-Visited Citadel

As a climber who doesn’t plan on breaking any records or even leading a 5.12 any time soon, I seek out the 5.10-and-under climbs at my local cliffs. I like climbs that don’t make me contemplate my mortality on every move, as I suspect most of us do as well. Still, the media so often focuses on the climbers ticking 5.15s—the Adam Ondras and Margo Hayeses—when so few of us attain these grades. Perhaps the climbers who make it possible for us to enjoy mellower climbs—our favorite 5.8, 5.9, and 5.10 sport routes—also deserve credit.

Amen to that!

The Mod Squad: The Tireless Climbers Establishing Moderate Sport Routes Around the Country

For my trip planning, I almost exclusively use Gaia GPS for researching, routing and tracking my adventures. I will go through some tips and tricks that I have learned along the way, along with some of the features of Gaia GPS.

I really enjoy Gaia GPS and subscribe to it for all of the MVUM (motor vehicle use maps) stuff. This is an article I’ll be referencing for a while.

So you want to map your adventure with Gaia GPS… — Explore4R

Thomas Frank’s productivity videos are watched by nearly 2 million subscribers. For every video, he writes scripts, collects b-roll and manages distribution so that every video is high quality and finds the right audience. Notion helps him and his growing team organize all these moving parts, freeing up more time for him to focus on the creative work.

Notion is one of those apps that I wanted to use but couldn’t find a use for….well that has ended for me. Notion has now replaced Noto, a note taking app that I was particularly enthralled with for a short period but it’s short comings started driving me crazy.

I’ll be writing about Notion more, but in the meantime you should check it out. (spoiler…I partly use it to plan trips in conjunction with Gaia maps)

Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Yeti 200X: The Perfect Power Station to Keep You Charged For the Weekend

Great for all your short, multi-day needs…

Goal Zero is known for it’s consumer friendly and quality solar solutions to gas generators.

I’ve been eying Goal Zero stuff for a while, and had even bought an older version of the Guide 10 Kit back in the day. As these power stations got more popular with the rise of overlanding and the #vanlife, my interested was renewed.

I really wanted to go for the Yeti 500x or even Yeti 1000…but I could not justify them for my budget…ie. my wife. 😂

As much as I dream about gearing up and knocking out a bunch of overloading trips with my family, my real world use case is still more along the lines of a long weekend trip.

Yeti 200X: Perfect for my family use cases.

In reality, I needed to be able to recharge phones, apple watches, and power some cool led light strips I bought for my car and/or campsite. The Yeti 200X actually fit the bill perfectly.

On my last camping trip, I was able to recharge phones, smart watches, headlamps, even my DSLR camera batteries for the whole weekend…and I only ever got down to 47% or so. I did buy the Goal Zero car charger, charging it for a quick jaunt to a nearby damn overlook.

Solar Panel to Go With It

image via Goal Zero

I also bought the Nomad 50 Solar Panel to go with the 200x. I wanted to buy the Nomad 100…but I wanted a solar panel that had a USB direct charger to it…and for some reason the Nomad 50 does and the Nomad 100 does not.

It can charge the Yeti 200X in about 5-10hours with full sunlight. Enough to top it off or bring it up throughout the day if you’re worried about it.

Highly recommend checking out this little powerhouse. You’re starting to see Goal Zero’s Yeti “X line” (as I call them) which has USB-C ports as well as USB-C power delivery for fast charging.

Check them all out here:

Music for the Weekend (Social Club Misfits)

My favorite on this album is probably ‘Que lo Que’…

This whole album is actually really good and reminds me of some of the music I grew up hearing on the radio in SoCal.

Also let me say that I’m disappointed that WordPress doesn’t support embedding music from Apple Music…just Spotify. Seems like Apple Music support would be a no brainer.

Heck, even the Spotify embed isn’t as good as the YouTube embed. Here’s the full album playlist on YouTube if you prefer that.

Just ONE

Surpasing 100 Direct Subscribers…

Thank you.

I recently surpassed 100 direct followers and I wanted to thank everyone who has commented, liked, and hit that follow button here.

If you see my about page, you’ll see that across all my platforms I am over 8,000 followers…but I’ll let you in on a little secret. I hit a hot streak over on Tumblr a few years back and most of my “followers” are from over there (where I still cross post). That was back when I was climbing and photo focused.

Tumblr’s state of affairs is a whole separate topic, but please know that I consider my followers here much more “present” as I see a lot of interactions via likes and comments from you all.

I remember posting over there once that I was shutting down an old website of mine. Of the over then 7,000 followers I had I got one email.

Just one.

However, that one email was from someone who told me that my posts had inspired him to start his own climbing inspired website. He even sent me a climbing chalk bag that I have to this day.

I had posted over there as the “caffeinated climber” from my now defunct climbercafe site. A site that I enjoyed creating and building but ran out of time to keep up…but I inspired one person to action.

Just one.

And that one made it all worth it.

If you take anything away from this today, remember…write for the internet you want…you may just inspire that next one to action.

Links of the Week (7/06/2020)

Deeper thinking this week…

Can this end flat-Earth theory once and for all?

It’s crazy to me that “flat-earthers” is even a thing…but it’s fun to see these well-known scientists lay a logical smackdown.

3 scientists school flat Earthers on the evidence

We all know that air temperature isn’t the whole story. In the winter, heading out without considering the wind is a recipe for pain; in the summer, it’s the humidity that gets you. For a long time, I didn’t appreciate how much of a difference direct sunlight also makes.

I’ve been running outside just to be in the sun…good to know I could probably be running faster. 😂

The Misunderstood Science of Exercising on Sunny Days

– Neuroscientists don’t know the degree to which adult human brains generate new neurons.

– A new study found that adult-born neurons in lab rats continued to grow and mature long after infant-born ones stopped.

– Understanding the process of neuron birth and death can help scientists understand the causes of neurological disorders.


Adult-made neurons mature longer, have unique functions

My theory is that once a new kind of stimulus is tasted it becomes a permanent feature of how downturns are handled.

People might give policymakers a pass if there’s a problem with no known solution. But if there’s a known solution and policymakers choose not to use it, they look like the problem. And they know it.

Hours after dropping a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, Harry Truman told the world: “Having found the bomb we have used it.”

Historian David McCullough wrote:

Truman would have been impeached if it were found out later that he had sent any American soldiers to their deaths knowing he had a weapon that could have ended the war sooner.

That was it.

Maybe just knowing the safety net is there fundamentally changes the way the economy works. No one’s used a nuclear bomb on an enemy since 1945, but knowing they exist changed geopolitics ever since.

​This article surprised me because it brings up a perspective I had never thought of. The only problem here though…is that with the Atomic bomb we could instantly see the horrendous consequences of using it.

With a couple trillion dollar stimulus package the negative consequences are not completely known and won’t come for many years…making people a bit blind to them.

Never The Same

Affiliate Links versus Brand Merchandise

Having my own “brand” gear is new territory for me…

One thing I never thought I would have is a sort of brand that would lead me to sell stuff.

You may have seen some slight changes on the site here with me displaying the new PatagoniaDad storefront I created that has some fun tee-shirts, coffee mugs, hoodies, stickers and more.

I have read across the internet and heard from vloggers, is that unless you have crazy volume, affiliate links are not the best way to make money. Don’t get me wrong…I bet they’re nice as passive income…but if you guys have seen my most popular post, it’s about how I keep failing at converting Amazon Affiliate links despite my slowly increasing traffic here.

On the other hand, if I sell 1 teeshirt over at Teespring, I make more than I probably would with 40 qualifying amazon link clicks that lead to a purchase. (I still don’t know what qualifies as a qualifying purchase at Amazon)

Asking for Your Help

My Wednesday and Saturday posts tend to be my more popular posts, so I am hoping that you might be willing to throw a comment my way with what you think about the current designs I have (don’t hesitate to be honest!) or even what you might be interested in as this evolves.

As always, thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!