Cold As You

Thereā€™s some crazy stuff going on right now…so if you want to get lost in a kick-ass song for a few minutes (and album too), well here you go. šŸ¤˜šŸ»

Music for the Weekend (Social Club Misfits)

My favorite on this album is probably ‘Que lo Que’…

This whole album is actually really good and reminds me of some of the music I grew up hearing on the radio in SoCal.

Also let me say that I’m disappointed that WordPress doesn’t support embedding music from Apple Music…just Spotify. Seems like Apple Music support would be a no brainer.

Heck, even the Spotify embed isn’t as good as the YouTube embed. Here’s the full album playlist on YouTube if you prefer that.

Music for the Weekend (Greenlight…)

The music talent some people have is astounding…

I’ve posted something from the NBC show Songland before, and I continue to be impressed by the talent this show finds.

I just find it fascinating how these songs are written and developed by music industry professionals.

“Greenlight” was picked up for the Jonas Brothers and the before and after differences are seemingly subtle but make a big difference.


Songland: A “Behind the Scenes” Show

Such a cool take on a show that “discovers” talent…

I stumbled across this via social media the other day and was fascinated at this show’s take on a kind of behind the scenes take on how songs are written, produced, and evolve.

I actually watched the video twice because I could swear that I recognized the song…and low and behold…I did! This song that started off as “I’ll Drink to That” had been picked up by Lady Antebellum and is now the hit song, “Champagne Night”.

Here is what it eventually became.

Pretty neat to see how these things work with song writers and performers.

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