Quote to Live By (Beastie Boys)

I’d rather be a hypocrite than the same person forever.

Ad-Rock (Beastie Boys)

This was Ad-Rock’s response to a critic calling him a hypocrite regarding some of their early un-pc songs (like ‘Girls’), because Ad-Rock and the others have since said they see how childish their songs were and no longer agree with some of their lyrics.

Very good movie/documentary of this influential band.

Quote to Live By (Maimonides)

Anyone in leadership should embody this…

Teach thy tongue to say, ‘I do not know’, and thou shalt progress.


If there was one thing I would say I’m proud of that I learned very early on as a leader, it is that I have never been afraid to tell someone I do not know something. If you pretend otherwise, then you’re going to hit a wall as a manager and leader…quickly.

Quote to Live By (Lie vs Truth)

My father was a small business owner and always said a bad reputation spread quicker than a good one…

I received the following short email from a retired Admiral who works at the Naval War College:

There’s a saying that the first report is always wrong. We know from behavioral economics that we are influenced by what we hear – whether it is right or wrong.  A similar saying, attributed to many from Winston Churchill to Thomas Jefferson is: a lie can travel around the world before the truth can get its pants on.” Wrong information can impact us, and do so quickly.

As a counter, President Truman once wrote “The dictators of the world say that if you tell a lie often enough, why people, will believe it…Well, if you tell the truth often enough, they’ll believe it and go along with you.” The truth matters, but the consistent repetition of the truth is the only way to get around the world, maybe not faster than a lie, but with a more lasting impact.

This email is on a distribution list that I am a part of and it was sent shortly after the whole fiasco with the USS Theodore Rosevelt Commanding Officer being fired.

The email didn’t come straight out and say anything about either side, but I appreciated the thought provoking quotes nonetheless.