Links of the Week (7/06/2020)

Deeper thinking this week…

Can this end flat-Earth theory once and for all?

It’s crazy to me that “flat-earthers” is even a thing…but it’s fun to see these well-known scientists lay a logical smackdown.

3 scientists school flat Earthers on the evidence

We all know that air temperature isn’t the whole story. In the winter, heading out without considering the wind is a recipe for pain; in the summer, it’s the humidity that gets you. For a long time, I didn’t appreciate how much of a difference direct sunlight also makes.

I’ve been running outside just to be in the sun…good to know I could probably be running faster. 😂

The Misunderstood Science of Exercising on Sunny Days

– Neuroscientists don’t know the degree to which adult human brains generate new neurons.

– A new study found that adult-born neurons in lab rats continued to grow and mature long after infant-born ones stopped.

– Understanding the process of neuron birth and death can help scientists understand the causes of neurological disorders.


Adult-made neurons mature longer, have unique functions

My theory is that once a new kind of stimulus is tasted it becomes a permanent feature of how downturns are handled.

People might give policymakers a pass if there’s a problem with no known solution. But if there’s a known solution and policymakers choose not to use it, they look like the problem. And they know it.

Hours after dropping a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, Harry Truman told the world: “Having found the bomb we have used it.”

Historian David McCullough wrote:

Truman would have been impeached if it were found out later that he had sent any American soldiers to their deaths knowing he had a weapon that could have ended the war sooner.

That was it.

Maybe just knowing the safety net is there fundamentally changes the way the economy works. No one’s used a nuclear bomb on an enemy since 1945, but knowing they exist changed geopolitics ever since.

​This article surprised me because it brings up a perspective I had never thought of. The only problem here though…is that with the Atomic bomb we could instantly see the horrendous consequences of using it.

With a couple trillion dollar stimulus package the negative consequences are not completely known and won’t come for many years…making people a bit blind to them.

Never The Same

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